John Paul Rice, explains the inside secrets of pedophilia in Hollywood, media, and music industry

John Paul Rice, explains the inside secrets of pedophilia in Hollywood, media, and music industry

John Paul Rice gives a clear picture of what is going on in the child trafficking and who is behind it.

The stories we can hear on the global network is so awful that we will all say it.





Hollywood Producer, Director, and Actor, John Paul Rice, confirms in this video that recent pedophilia and trafficking reports are credible. His experiences and research also point to serious problems plaguing Hollywood which include big name stars, directors, and Hollywood moguls. His latest movie, "A Child's Voice", which you can currently view on Vimeo, depicts a child trafficking ring that operates inside of Hollywood.

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Anneke Lucas Testimony Part One (1 of 4)

I am the interviewer in the video. This interview was one of the greatest privileges and honors of my life. The interview was conducted in one day and Anneke and I have remained close friends ever since. The reason I am posting here is to make a couple of points in response to a number of comments by people self-righteously exhorting that Anneke should be naming the names of her perpetrators.

1) To begin with, the belief that if Anneke ever named who her perpetrators were that these people would be prosecuted or even questioned by law enforcement is EXTREMELY NAIVE, and demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of how the world works, especially in the higher reaches of power. If you watched all 4 parts of this interview, you would come to realize that these dark activities are fundamental at the top of the global power pyramid, and that this pyramid has enjoyed virtually unfettered influence and outright control over governments, industry, banking, military, the judiciary, and the media all down the line from global to local authorities. Not total control, but enough to keep their darkest secrets hidden. To think that the most powerful people in the world could be brought down by a woman testifying to events thirty or forty years earlier would be tantamount to thinking this global elite are willing to arrest themselves. Other victims have named names in the past, like Regina Louf, a very brave and articulate woman who named her perpetrators in this same Belgian pedophile ring a bit later than Anneke in the 1980s. Regina Louf had compelling evidence and was ready to testify in the Marc Dutroux case. What then happened was that corrupt elements in the Belgian judiciary, law enforcement, government and media worked together and dragged the Dutroux case out over 8 years, working to ensure that Regina Louf was considered crazy by the public and that her testimony was not deserving of being heard by the court, while many other victims prepared to testify were either silenced in a similar way or killed. Please watch the excellent documentary by Olenka Frankl, 'Belgium's X-files' here for more info:

2) Again, if you watch the 4 parts of this interview in their entirety, you will come to realize that putting powerful people in jail is not the real purpose or value of this testimony. This testimony serves as a clarion call for ALL PEOPLE to wake up, and take back control of their lives from a wicked system of control that is ever closing in on us. Anneke Lucas was able to heal from her atrocities and take her power back, and she serves as a shining example to each one of us that we all need to look inside and do some healing, so that we find our own personal power and thus are able to walk away from this system that currently has most of the population controlled by fear. If you took the time to comment only to implore, in some cases angrily, that Anneke should put her life at risk by naming names after all she has gone through, you might consider instead looking in the mirror and asking yourself what you can do in your circumstances to make this world a better place, especially with the new-found knowledge provided here. For it is only when all of us come together, with courage, with conviction, with one voice, and say that we are not willing to tolerate any kind of abuse towards one another anymore, will we be able to finally stop this abuse and begin to create a new world founded on love, peace, and freedom.

Richard Enos

Anneke Lucas Testimony Part One (1 of 4)

Anneke Lucas Testimony Part Two (2 of 4)

Anneke Lucas Testimony Part Two (3 of 4)

Anneke Lucas Testimony Part Two (4 of 4)