From the heart - Koolulam Online | Fix You - Coldplay | Across The Globe | 19.04.2020

We’re all in this together!
Over 5,000 People singing
  •  66 countries
  •  3 part harmony
  •  One humanity In collaboration with Facebook IL.
For the past three years, Koolulam has been encouraging people to leave their homes, leave their comfort zones, and come create with us.
This pandemic has dictated a new reality, but we've taken this opportunity to overcome the obstacles and create together.
Where there is creation - there is hope.
This video was made with love by: Koolulam Team: Lee Lavie, Lee Goldberg, Yahav Erez, Einav Morgenstern, Noa Shaham, Yaron Eigenstein, Yael Bechor, Lilach Krakauer, Milly Nave, Shahar Reznik, Roman Poretski, Sela Waisblum, Michal Shahaf, Or Taicher, Ben Yaffet. Post Production Team: Yuli Urbakh, Tom Uziel, Gosha Demin, Tom Madar, Peleg Levi, Jenny Danilenko, Jesse Eigen, David Beit Halachmi, Nitzan Tsifroni, Michal Tamari, Dov Entin, Yonatan Danino, Shani Louzon, Gal Taicher, Tali Taicher, Galya Azulai - Equipment Rental, Israel Raz, Camelia Freites, Benjamin Newman, Orel Cherno, Ella Vidislavski, Lihi Matatov, Shahar Ackerfeld, Tal Nathan, Tami Gur, Hamutal Peles - We Do, Hagar Amsterdam, Muki - Rafsoda Studios, Mikey Talpalar, Suzanne Eigenstein, Gidi Eigenstein, Kaspit Artist Management.
Koolulam is a social-musical initiative, meant to bring together people from any and all walks of life.
Our Idea is to simply stop everything for a few hours and just sing - together.
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