Betrayal of humanity

Betrayal of humanity

Date: 01/07/2021

I also woke up this morning with a big hangover. The idea that we would be handed over to Biden and the Deep State, I can not accept.

I wonder the following.

  • How is it possible that if you have a lot of evidence of faud you are not heard?
  • How can they say the have won the elections in a democratic way?

My answer is:

  • From 60th years the Deep state is deeply infiltrated all social, corrupt groups. Think of WHO, NATO, Twitter, Facebook, MSM, etc.
  • After a long walk in the forest this moning I realise that al what happend yesterday an opportunity gives.

Since yesterday it has become clear that a coup is being carried out on democracy. In a democracy, in the event of a disagreement, it must be concluded on the basis of evidence who is right. But that never happened. The corrupt judges and the members of the House did not want to see all the evidence wich Trump had. This is because they knew that Trump must be proved right. No lawsuits have been lost, as the MSM would have us believe, but there have never been any lawsuits.

I was happy with the Tweet of Lin Wood who discriped what I thought.